01. I wiped the [grease] off my bicycle with an old rag I found in the basement.
02. The gas station can use any old clothing or blankets you don't want as rags for cleaning up [grease] and oil.
03. Putting kitchen [grease] down your household drain will plug it up.
04. Don't wipe your hands on your shirt, you'll get it all [greasy].
05. The food in that restaurant is horrible - really [greasy], and way too salty.
06. A simple modification of the car's engine allows it to use cooking [grease] as fuel.
07. In 1400 B.C., it was a fashion for Egyptian women to put a cone of scented [grease] on their head and let it slowly melt over their bodies and clothes, making their skin shiny and sweet-smelling.
08. After working on my motorcycle, I had [grease] all over my hands.
09. This food is too [greasy]; it's really disgusting.
10. The newspaper holding the fish and chips was soaked in [grease].
11. If you [grease] your wheels a bit, they'll stop squeaking.
12. We cooked the eggs in the [grease] from the bacon.
13. Make sure you [grease] the pan well, so the bread doesn't stick.
14. She lay the pizza on a [greased] cookie sheet and put it in the oven.
15. You should wash your hair more often; it looks really [greasy].
16. It took him an hour to scrape all the [grease] off the skillet.
17. These French fries are super [greasy]; I think it's time to change the oil in the fryer.
18. An old saying remarks that the squeaky wheel gets the [grease].
19. Vic Gold once noted that the squeaking wheel doesn't always get the [grease]. Sometimes it gets replaced.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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